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You are probably planning to buy a desktop for office or home use. You are considering purchasing a second-hand one but you are not sure how to check whether it’s in good condition. Before you can bet on it, consider a few things because you do not want to purchase a computer that will function for a few days then die.

Test the Computer

A seller will tell you the desktop is in perfect condition but you need to confirm the same. There is so much that you need to check just to ascertain that you will not have issues once you purchase it.

  • Ensure the screen is in good condition: – You will be using the screen regularly if not on a daily basis. Screens get hazy and discolored. This plus dead pixel is what you should look for.
  • Check the keyboard and the body:-The keyboard could be having broken keys and some tear in it. Look for this while for the body and the frame
  • Check the inputs and ports: – Despite the computer being old, the inputs and the ports should be functioning properly.

Get Proper Software Licenses and Documents

With this, you are supposed to check any software and licenses included. While confirming that the desktop is not malfunctioning, request for the recovery CD, software CDs, drivers and the manual to avoid having operational issues. Since the warranty is in the desktop owner’s name, it should be transferred to your name before you decide to take it home.

Check the Memory

Every computer has its own memory and this will depend on the amount of work you will be stored on the desktop. What is its capacity? Will you be running several programs at a go or the desktop is for basic things such as sending emails and posting on different social media platforms? The more gigabytes the desktop has the better for you.

If you are looking for an old desktop for use, it is important that you assess it carefully. It could be the owner is selling it just to get rid of a frustrating computer. Despite this, there are others who could be selling the computer just to upgrade to a newer version. Consider the amount of work you will be doing on the computer and any accessories that you may require.